THE PHILOSOPHER: Margaret Cavendish

Margaret and William Cavendish
Duchess and Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
attributed to Gonzales Coques

Four hundred years ago, Margaret Cavendish dared to contemplate the biggest philosophical questions of her day. Brilliant and bold, she wrote 21 books despite being dismissed or mocked by the almost entirely male intellectual community. A famously eccentric dresser, she and her husband hosted high-society parties at their fantastical castle, but she was also paralyzed by bashfulness and dreaded talking to people. She hoped that her intellectual works would lead to eternal fame, but she remained quite ignored until recent scholars dug her books out of the shadows.

Our guest Dr. Rachel Robison-Greene is the co-editor of eleven books on pop-culture and philosophy and teaches philosophy at Weber State University.

Learn more about Margaret Cavendish, view some of her manuscripts, and find many more resources at the Digital Cavendish Project. Or you can view a BBC Documentary on Bolsover Castle, Margaret and William Cavendish’s favorite home.







Dr. Rachel Robison-Greene earned her PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She works in metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. She teaches philosophy at Weber State University. She has co-edited eleven books on pop-culture and philosophy and is currently working on a solo edited collection on philosophy in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.



Music featured in this episode included

Deus in Adjutorium” by Monteverde, performed by Solis Camerata with soloist Timothy Leffler

Kyrie: Misse de Minuit pour Nöel by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, performed by Solis Camerata with soloists Mandy Clegg, Tommy Strawser, Sam Kreidenweis, Erik Gustafson, Kerry Ginger, Joel Wolcott, and Carol Jennings

“Orfeo” by Monteverde, performed by Solis Camerata

“Canarios” by Gaspar Sanz, performed by Marc Nelson

“Mistress Nichols’ Almain” by John Dowland, performed by Marc Nelson


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